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Everyone has a hidden agenda


The first week of August just passed , tha means exactly one month until my university exams start and 
one month until i return back to Athens. I'm sorry i haven't posted anything for so long but after a stressfull exam period i had to enjoy my summer and relax . To be honest , the fact that i had no internet connection didn't help either. .:-) The only thing worse than not having internet is not having my personal agenda , i'm a bit of a control freak ( i have to admit that ) so i love organizing my daily routine but even if you are not that controling an agenda is always usefull for notes and appointments you don't want to miss. My first agenda was at the age of 13 and since then i have been buying one each year.Last year i couldn't find exactly what i wanted so i decided to just make my own and it was so amazing that this year i did it again and i decided to show you how simple it is so that you can customize your own with your personal style and mood . Personally i just love everything that is unique and feels personal ... 

First thing to do is to find an agenda that is working for you , don't pay attention on the cover we will change that either way , find one that works with your daily routine . I, for example like the ones that start with September and not with the New Year , or i prefer big pages with lots of space for writting. 

 Then , my favorite thing to do , look up all your old magazines and find photos , quotes or anything that expresses you the most , cut it and then paste it on the cover and the back cover of your agenda in any order you want , it doesn't have to make sense as long as it makes sense to you . Pay extra attention to the side of your agenda don't forget to cover that up as well. 

 After you're done take some transparet paper , the one that your mom used to edit your books when you were in primary school and edit both covers and the side so that you stabilize all the different photos and papers you used and make them look like one .Be extra carefull with this paper it's very sticky and you need to be patient in order for the result to be good , so no rush .!!!

So this is how my this year's agenda looks like , i hope you like it and ofcourse let me know if you try it yourself , i would love to see photos of what you made .!! 

!!!Keep enjoying your summer !!!


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