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HAIR TUTORIAL:Easy Mermaid Tail Braid


Do you like my mermaid tail braid? i know it looks complicated but it is really very easy to do ...Here i have everything you will need to know , step by step so you can create your own mermaid tail with your hair. Personally i just love any kind of braid or hair style that gets my hair out of the way and make you look stylish even when you don't have much time to spend on your hair. Hope you like my post and i hope you all try it at least once! 

Step 1: Brush your hair and gather them on the one side of your head.

Step 2: Divide them into two pieces 
Step 3: Tie one of the piece so it can stay out of the way for a while

Step 4: Leave some hair on the front , if your hair is layered then it will be much easier ...
Step 5: Take that first piece and divide it into three sections , and start doing the braid  ( cross the hair underneath instead of over the top ) 
Step 6: Finish your first section braid and tie it so it wont get all messy .
Step 7: Before we start the braid on the second section make sure you leave some hair on the front of the other  side of your face 
Step 8: Divide this section into 3 other sections like we did before and start the braid  ( again with each section going underneath instead of over the top )

 Tie this second braid as well...Now you got two brais they should look something like these ones here.
Step 9 : Take the first braid and start pulling softly some of the hair on the outside side of the braid ( the one closer to your face ) dont worry about little hair sticking out , especially if your hair is layered it will be a more natural look than mine 
Step 10: Do the same thing on the second braid only this time the hair that you will pull will be  the ones farther away from your face

Now your braids must look something like this
Step 11: Take as many bobby pins as you can ( especially if your hair are long you are going to need them , unfortunately i didn't have many so i'm sure your result will be better than mine.) 
Step 11: in this step we will combine the two braids into one, use the bobby pins to attach the two 'inside' sides of the two braids , pin the braids from underneath so that the bobby pin is not so obvious.
This is how it must look like after you are done with the bobby pins, now we have one braid ( the two braids must be perfectly combined , now in my photos you may see some spaces that shouldn't be there but i didn't have as much  bobby pins as my hair really need so ...i'm sorry ) 

Step 12: Finish by  grabbing a hair tie and tie the braid together ( you can use something less obvious than i did , haha but once again that's all i had at the moment )
Step 13: Pick up your hair iron and curl those hair we left on the front ...right side 

and left side...
Now your mermaid braid should look soemething like that ( i hope even better ) 
You can always add something ;-)...personally i used a golden neck chain i had from my grandmother you can really use just anything from hair accesorizes to necklaces and bracelets!

Thank you all for reading , i apologize for not posting so often lately but i have my exam session this month and it is really hard for me to catch on ...don't forget to visit my Facebook page my Twitter account and ofcourse follow me with Bloglovin , xxx anthiε


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  4. Stephanie Makropoulos said...

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