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She is a star, she is amazing and a walking art project ,Lady Gaga, is this one person i got inspired from this time. I can't help but love her personality , who woulnd't after all ? she is bold , funny , unique , how  i get to say all these ? just by taking a look at her personal style and outfits . She is always up to try a new piece no matter how crazy , bold or outrageous it seems to be, and the most important ,even the heaviest outfit , the boldest dress or the craziest top somehow she manages to wear it and not let the clothes do the opposite . These are the reasons i decided to show you my work , inspired by gaga , what i would like  to see her wear . Hope you like my ideas and support them , xxx anthiε

Unshape my curves: Curves and circles representing the woman body and triangles for  the men , time to change that ..A unique pair of pants that can unshape the curves and give a completely new perpective of the female body.

Ivy Queen: a dress designed to embrace the body and become one with it just like an ivy would do . Thin details  and curvy lines.

2012 Mermaid: How a mermaid would really look like if she was found today , Black leather becoming one with the body and head  and intense bottom cut.

space uniform : A tiny dress with strict cut


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