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Summer is here , and there is nothing more important in our summer closet than the bathing suit. You have to be very careful when it comes to picking out the best bathing suit for your body type, so here i gathered the latest trends , what is hot for this summer and i categorized it to the basic body types so i can help you choose the best for you . Hope you find it interesting and most of all instructive. 
So we have the basic trends for this summer , patterns , weird cuts  and of course fringing , the ultimate summer trend. 
small breast - wide shoulders
When it comes to small breast but wide shoulders you need to have something to take the edge off the shoulders , that's why i suggest pieces that have an intense cut or accessorize around the neck area. Also a one strap will definitely make your shoulders seem smaller.

small breast- narrow shoulders 
This body type is the most fun of all , you can actually try anything you like and still work for you . I suggest a top that would bring the illusion of volume around the chest area, such as patterns , fringing , lace . 

tomboy figure
For those who don't know , the 'tomboy' figure is the one one that looks a little boyish , no curves , narrow shoulders , small breasts, and genuinely thin figure . For this type of body i suggest that you should avoid anything that looks super sportive and athletic you need more feminine patterns and cut, try color and shapes that give volume as for the bottom piece i would say'' the smaller the best'' as long as pieces that have a little something to make your bottom look bigger . 

Madame shou shou

apple type
When we refer to ''apple'' body type we mean women with bigger tummy, usually big breast , no waist , and thin bottom and legs . In this type i would suggest more athletic kind of swimsuit , you need to have good support around the chest area and a bottom piece that will cover at least have of your tummy and will have a nice cut behind . The Brazilian cut will be perfect for you and will create the illusion of a bigger butt , as long as it has a good support on the tummy area ( high waist-ed ) . 
Mara Hoffman

By curvy we mean , small waist women with wider bottoms and usually wide shoulders .Here ladies it is all about the cut of the swimsuit, i myself am in this category and believe me when i say , you need a cut that will tone your small waist and cover your imperfections. Do not go for huge bottom pieces that cover up to your tummy , it might seem like a good idea but it is not the more you cover the worse you look .

big breast
When it comes to women with big breast but genuinely thin body and narrow bottoms you need to take the edge of the chest area try colorful bottom pieces with black or white upper pieces . You definitely need a good support system when it comes to picking the upper piece , search for pieces with wider back so that you don't put all the weight at the strings that go to your neck ( that hurts) 

Victoria Secret

Last minute advice..
Forget the whole 50's,60's vintage swimsuit this year .
Don't buy something just because it is ''in'' you have to look good and be confident while wearing it otherwise there is no point in having it.
If you are not sure about the color pick something simple , black is always a solution.
Check out the material , it might be a bit more expensive but you need a good support system on the chest area , and a material that won't be see- through when wet. 


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