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The Time Traveller's Closet (Volume 2)


The 60's
Key Words: the young becomes the leader of fashion , mini skirts, pencil skirts,geometric hairstyle,death of stocking, 'that was the week that was'-tv night show,tights with motives , Dr Scholl sandals for work , and flat boots for night,trousers, Twist and Shake.COLOR
Fashion Icon: Twiggy

So basically the 60's is a decate of change, mini skirts crazy songs and party life woman try new things, they wear trousers at night with a tounic on top , boots and mini dresses , new fabrics arrive and bright colors are part of the image. Everything even hairstyles are simple ,simple cuts but more daring than before,the make up is always too much especially when it came to the eyes but the accessorize is less than before especially when it comes to the hair , hair are simple and usually cut short .The 60's are basically transformed by the young people , who watch tv and go out at night they created their own fashion sense that the decate absolutelly loved.

Advert about lipstick 

Twiggy the absolute 60's fashion icon

The 70's
Key Words:Hippies, Disco Fashion, Caftans, Ethnic , Friendship bracelletes, all skirt lenghts,Tank Tops and Mix and Match Knitwear
Fashion Icon:Jerry Hall

By 1970 women chose who they wanted to be and if they felt like wearing a short mini skirt one day and a maxi dress, midi skirt or hot pants the next day - that's what they did.Women travelling in enclosed heated cars could choose to wear lighter weight clothes and abandon full length coats.The Hippies of the sixties had brought with them clothes from other ethnic groupings which had often never even been seen before in the west. Nehru jackets and loose flowing robes from hot countries made their way to world cities and permeated down to mainstream fashion, helped of course by designers like Yves St Laurent.From the mid to late 70s, caftans, kaftans, kimonos, muumuus, djellaba (a Moroccan robe with a pointed hood) or jalabiya (a loose eastern robe) and other styles from every part of the Indian sub continent and Africa, were translated into at home style robes and comfort wear.In the 1970s, every type of ethnic image set a trend.It was during the 1970s that friendship bracelets first became fashionable. These hand braided bracelets made from coloured yarns were initially made by teenagers. Pants began gently flared and reached wide bell bottom proportions by about 1975. After which they slowly reduced to straight and wide until by the end of the seventies they were finally narrow again. Popular fabrics included heavy crepes, wool jersey knits, Courtelle jersey and woven Polyester suiting such as Trevira. Disco looks began in the 1970s and was memorable for its hot pants look and Spandex tops. Shiny clinging Lycra stretch disco pants in hot strident shiny colours

Disco Fashion

Hippies Fashion ( Early 70's)

The 80's
Key Words:Television Soap Series 'Dynasty ' and 'Dallas',Power Dressing, huge earrings , wide shoulders, 
Fashion Icon: Margaret Thatcher , Diana Princess of Wales

1980s fashion history is memorable and quite distinctive. Women of this era began to feel they that really could at last choose from one of the many contrasting looks available. The fashion look that was the most powerful over the decade was the wide shoulder, use of both fine and costume jewellery was worn day and night and it drifted into mainstream fashion. Big, almost huge gilt fashion earrings several centimetres across drew attention to faces drowning in shoulder pads. Stones could be fake or real. Diamante, pearls and gold chains were intended to tell the rest of the world you had arrived.1980s blouses were based on romantic looks of earlier eras in fashion history. The blouses had intricate stock or cravat effect neck wrappings, deep pleated shoulder tucks or swathed crossover fabrics.  All were made up in silk or polyester satin foulard or crepe de chine substitutes which softened the harshness of severe man tailored jackets.   Women's shoulders had started to actually look like designers had once drawn them at the  start of the 80s decade.  Designers had tried to promote wide shoulders of American footballer dimensions in the early 1980s and although women initially laughed, eventually shoulder width had a rounded coat hanger effect just like those early designs and reached dimensions not seen before in the 20th century.The early 80s saw a vogue for clutch handbags in many colours with matching shoes. But the bags with style were the quilted Chanel bags or Louis Vuitton luggage. Alternative street wear day bags were the bum bag and the Prada nylon bag.  None would have been complete though without a Filofax filling it. 

'Dysnasty ' Tv Show

'Dallas ' Tv show

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