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The Time Traveller's CLOSET (Volume 1)


So...I decided to make this post , for two reasons. 1st, i'm so tired of watching models, or just people dressed like hippies saying they LOVE the 50's , or people that have been asked who is their role -model saying both AUDREY HEPBURN and MARILYN MONROE when everything they presented was completly different from each other,and 2nd because we all need a travel back from time to time , after all nothing is ever completely new, fashion recycles itself .I'll try to make it short and not tiring , just like a tip note...

THE 20'S

Key Words: The Flapper ('garçonne' for the french), confusing skirt length (not considering long but not short either), short hair , narrow (boy) hips, flat chest,cloche hat, mary janes
Fashion Icon:  Gabrielle Coco Chanel 

So basically the 20's were all about woman making their first steps to equality , woman trying to be less accessorized , woman prefering the simple cuts , the simple lines. We see a body type of narrow hips , no breast showing at all, short hair ... but still the woman that fixes her make up in public , that smokes and wears pretty hats. Feminine and elegant still but not so overdressed.These were the Flappers...

This photo is from McCall's Patterns magazine , back then they used to sew most of their dresses so  magazines or patterns helped to be IN fashion.

Two of the most Famous names back then was Chanel and Lanvin

The 30's
Key Words: return to ladylike, glamour, curves,night life, new fashion teqniques(cross cut bias method), uneven skirt lenght, the zip ( zipper),colar.
Fashion Icon:Madeleine Vionnet (inventor of the cross cut method)

So basically what we have here is , a night life for the woman that suddenly appears as an option, return of the curves and round cuts, new fashion teqniques that allow the body to look more feminine ,skirts that are basically shorter at the front and longer at the back, smaller hats that allow the forehead to be seen ,new fabrics more luxurius dresses and lifestyle.And ofcourse the invention of the fastener the so called zipper...that made our lives much much easier.

We see the signature colar and the curvy line wich is totaly 30's but the ending of the dress reminds a bit the following decate of the 50's.
The 40's
Key WOrds:world war 2, rationing,kangaroo cloak, wedge sole shoe, turban, no stockings, long hair ,'make do' and 'mend' , siren suit.
Fashion Icon: Veronica Lake

In a era of war , nothing was avaliable, food and clothing were limited and actually avaliable to the public only with rationing, stockings were impossible to be found.Woman start to grow their hair long in order to feel more feminine.Wedge sole shoes are everywhere and woman wear turbans speacially in the mornings. Siren suits were the original jumpsuit , The siren suit was practical and warm in draughty situations.  Later in the 1960s it was developed into evening wear in slinky Pucci prints. 

House dress and robe on the left , and tailored suit on the right from mc call's patterns.

A siren suit pattern
This is it for the time...i'm really tired and since the following decate is the 50's that happens to be my personal favorite i'm going to come back with a HUGE post about the 50's...and ofcourse the following decates.
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  1. Clara Turbay said...

    Good choices!

  2. Eva Ana Kazić said...

    The 30's just might win by pointing out the powerfull woman.


  3. Anthie Mitrakos said...

    What makes me love these decates more is that they ALL pointed out how powerfull woman are !

  4. Temporary:Secretary said...

    I love this, i was the first thing I learnt when I studied textiles and fashion at school - era's of fashion. So interesting x

  5. DREAMS ON THE STAGE said...

    Nice pics! and cute blog! I love it so much!!!! it inspires us!!!!

    Would you like to follow each other :-)???
    I wait your comment under my post!!:)



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