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Mirror IN The Wall


So first of all , welcome , to my very first post, i don't really know if there's a rule of how things work but i'm just gonna go with my instict and just write anything that pops to my head. So...i'm back to my hometown Sparta, for the weekend or maybe more,cause i kinda needed to go away from everything and just relax.And what better place to relax and focus than your own private space? YOUR BEDROOM. So here are some photos of my bedroom that i actually re-decorated this summer, colors , pictures on the walls ,furniture are all picked by me and i also actually painted the walls and the everything with my hand.

Ok this is my favorite part of the room , i was only 11 year's old and i still remember screaming that i wanted a mirror inside my wall, back then i thought that would come with a magic entrance to a fairytale world haha but i guess this works fine as well!
In case you wonder where did i find the pictures, well they were at Sisley's 2009-2010 ( not really sure about the year) promotion catalogue,i had to go and take 4 of them cause i adored these pictures and i knew they would be usefull .

Ok this is my desk, tell you the truth i never used it, i never used any of my desks i always study or scetch at my bed ( bad habbit for a designer),btw i know the horse looks weird up there ,but that's my black beauty horse my dad got me because he coudln't actually get me the real horse i was asking ,and that's his place ,cause he is the chief of the room haha.

Some more sisley catalogue pictures on the wall and my hand-made ballerina's figures


  1. .sabo skirt. said...

    The interior design of your room is nice. We like the pictures you placed in your room, very creative. It seems like you were the one who drew those pictures. :)

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  2. Kristen Leotsakou said...

    i just redecorated my bedroom too :) loving the pics <3

  3. Anna Bonfiglio said...

    Your blog is so cute and I follow you :)
    Come to my blog and if you love it follow me!

    The yellow ball

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